My name is Alanna Kingston.  


I was born on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, Canada.  I currently reside on the island of New Providence, Bahamas.


I have a deep calling to help guide people to reconnect with their health. In the past, I myself have lost track of my mind & body connection and that manifested as an eating disorder. I was hospitalized at 16 and have been on a health and wellness journey ever since. I want to share and help others create a life of happiness, connection, and love.


My expertise as a Holistic Nutritionist and Health Coach will help you reconnect the dots, and through that help you reach your true potential. I want to find out what lights you up, what drives you and use that spark to guide and shift you to become a healthier you.

The best version of you, today.


I teach and model balance, power, and health. I will help you feel empowered to fuel your body with not only the foods you eat, but also paying close attention to your mental and physical health. We will tackle this with love, not restriction. We will together, help more people make lifestyle changes, not only dietary changes.

Our bodies are amazing – and if we tune in, we can help prevent illness and heal ourselves.


About Alanna



Disordered Eating

Digestive Wellness

Food Allergies and Intolerances

Clean Eating and Meal Planning

Elimination and Detoxification

Pregnancy Health

Infant Food Introductions