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Who Am I?

Allow me to introduce myself.


My name is Alanna Kingston.  


I was born on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, Canada.  


I have a deep passion and gift for guiding people to reconnect with their health. In the past, I myself have lost track in terms of connection and that manifested as an eating disorder. I was hospitalized at 16 and through my experience and journey to wellness discovered that I can guide others to find balance and ultimate health too. 


My expertise as a Holistic Nutritionist and Chef is to help you reconnect the dots, and through that help you reach your true potential. I want to find out what lights you up, what drives you and use that spark to guide and shift you to become a healthier you.

your best you.


I teach and model balance, power, and health.


I will help you feel empowered to FUEL your body with

** the food you eat  

** exercise

** mental health

and to do this from a place of love, not from restriction.  


LET'S MAKE A LIFESTYLE CHANGE, not just a dietary change.


You deserve to have control.


Our bodies are amazing – and if we tune in, we can help prevent illness and heal ourselves.


Alanna Kingston -Holistic Nutritonist

About Alanna



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